SSP Monster Mapping® app

I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project Lessons currently being added to the Parent version of the 
SSP Monster Mapping app for AU$20. Please see ICRWY Teaching Reading and Spelling lessons with Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer. These will be added to the School app when complete. 


The SSP Monster Mapping app for Schools is a new app, launched July 2021, that mirrors the SSP Monster Mapping app for parents, but can be used offline after the initial video lesson download. This is ideal for small schools and those with unreliable wifi. 
The videos in the SSP Monster Mapping app for Schools are hosted on our servers which also means that the app shouldn't be blocked by Education Depts (the app for parents utilises vimeo, even though children can't actually access the vimeo site).

The SSP Monster Mapping App for Schools has been released with a Special Intro price of AU$375 plus GST by Teacherless Teaching Australia ABN 30 418 472 814  and is a yearly fee, So if you sign up now you will pay the same price next year!  
Small school? Email Miss Emma for further discount! 


Parents are able to  access the SSP Monster Mapping app for parents in the App Store and also Google Play. Use on tablets and phones. Usual yearly price AU$20 with an option for 2 logins. This is managed by The Reading Hut Ltd and no GST is added if you are in AU.



4 Code Levels (100 High Frequency Graphemes) plus the Whole Code (350+ graphemes)

400+ unique High Frequency Words

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SSP Monster Mapping app for Parents also available for home learning!

New lessons are being added daily - follow them with your child to understand why children learn to read and spell so quickly using my resources and strategies! Perfect for children aged 3+ but also follow ICRWY for Toddlers and you can start even earlier!


SSP Monster Mapping app AU$20



The SSP Monster Mapping app for Parents is free to download and access various free resources eg the basic phonics check. If you choose to subscribe you can then also use the new ICRWY Project lessons which outline the Steps to Reading and Spelling. Work through them 1 by 1 (although some lessons eg letter and number formation will be watched regularly until learning is secure) No prior training is required, so perfect for parents and tutors! There are also around 40 phonics and high-frequency word lessons included, all created by Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer, for those using The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach. Learn more about SSP Monster Mapping in Schools at and the I Can Read Without You (ICRWY) Project on 
We suggest that you use this app with the SSP Spelling Piano app tablets, which also incorporates the Speech Sound Monsters - Phonetic Symbols for Kids

Miss Emma has a Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs and is undertaking doctoral work in the UK, with a research focus on early interventions for reading and spelling difficulties including dyslexia. The ICRWY Steps to Reading and Spelling Lessons are designed to include all learners, with a focus on phonemic awareness, and the mapping of phonemes to graphemes using a Speech to Print Approach ie 'Code Mapping®'!

Playful learning with the focus on exciting children about learning. Reading for pleasure, not a level.  
SSP Spelling Piano app
Spelling Piano app

The Spelling Piano app for ipads also highly recommended!