The Speech Sound Monsters

Phonetic Symbols for Kids

A much quicker way for children to learn to read and spell.


Updated from a 2014 clip. Code Mapping® was introduced to Australian schools in around 2012 and Miss Emma toured the country visiting schools, to introduce her unique way of showing the way we 'talk on paper'. Read about the Innovation Patent filed in 2017 here - Code Mapping 

Toddlers Learning the Sounds of English! 
ICRWY Toddlers
Monster Mapping - Speech Sound Monsters

Because the words are Code Mapped and Monster Mapped Spencer can figure out the words, and also question the phonetic symbols for kids - eg whether the second e in the word elephant is a Schwa or not. Spencer starts school in 2022



Spencer started the ICRWY Pilot when he had just turned 4, about 10 months ago. He had some significant Speech and Language challenges, and this was one of the reasons Spencer's parents chose to participate. So these three clips show Week 1, and 9 or so months later when reading SSP Yellow Code Level Readers, and around PM 12 (The Green Pirate)


As you can see here, Spencer is working out which phoneme the /u/ is mapped with, as not the 'u' explored within the explicit phonics (in the Purple Code level - ie u as in the first sound in 'up'). He has a solid understanding of the IPA, of the difference between spoken and written language, and the confidence to argue his case for the mapping of phonemes to graphemes. The project is helping him quickly move into the 'self-teaching' phase.  


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