This is the HOOKED ICRWY kit for those starting out, and not yet ready to purchase the full teaching kit with membership. See details 
It includes a set of A4 Monster Spelling Mats, A4 Spelling Cloud Mat, Chant Strip, Pack of Monster Cards (with Spelling Clouds on the back) Temporary Whiteboard Sheet and Whiteboard Pen. 

If ordering in the UK this comes in a plastic folder, if not it will be sent in a tough A4 bag to keep the shipping cost down.  

When you order this kit you will be given access to a support page with extra essential digital downloads - eg low-resolution digital downloads from the Monster Mapping Kit Handbook in the full kit- and access to the online ICRWY Bookself for 3 months (usually £5 a month)  

To best make use of this kit please get the SSP Monster Mapping for Parents app (use with any 2 devices) the SSP Spelling Piano app (for ipads) and the SSP Monster Sounds app (for ipads) 

If you add your child's name we will send a Monster Mapped name card to download and print. 

HOOKED! Getting Started with ICRWY Monster Mapping